Meet The Creatures

These are some of our animals. You can meet these as well as many others at a G.R.A.B event



Is a male Boa and one of Stephs favourites, He llikes cuddles and to be tickled under the chin like a little dog, He is definatley a Mummys boy

mary vinegaroon


Is one of our more interesting creatures,

She is Vinegaroon also known as a Whip Scorpion, Even though she looks the part and is a firm favourite with the children, mary is completely blind,has no venom, cannot sting, and do not even pinch.

The only thing she can do is secret an acetic acid that smells like vinegar!


Lord Fisher

Is a lovely male pinstrip Royal Python, He was named by our friends at Yeovil Railway Centre after their latest steam engine.

He is a pinstripe because of the unusual thin patterns in his colouring a beautiful boy!



Is a gorgeous Boa, He loves all the attention and being tickled under the chin,

He is growing into a big lad too!


Bearded dragons

Mojo & JoJo


 Mojo & Jojo a pair of our Bearded Dragons. They were bred in house and belong to Trina,

Our Dragons, don't breath fire But they are huge posers and will happily sit for hours having their chins tickled or having pictures taken.

Princess -


Is our Brazilian Black Tarantula,

Princess is the spider we normally use to help people overcome their fears,

She is placid lady, as far as spiders go and has been handled from birth so is quite used to it.

flat rock scorpion


Is one of our babies and the way we start to introduce our visitors to snakes, she is a lovely little Royal Python, who loves the attention, and likes nothing more than being wrapped around someones wrist like a bracelet or being curled up in a ball on someones lap

African Giant Landsnails

(Eric & Ernie)

An easy pet to take care of, and our visitors are either completely hooked by these creatures, and enjoy handling them, or just horrified that snails are so big,

the are equally as shocked when we tell them about their teeth - no honest snails have teeth over 200 actually!


Is one of the latest edtions to our animals, A Flat Rock Scorpion, these creatures are supposed to be the largest scorpions in the woirld and can grow upto 7 inches long!

Marmaduke & Holly

Wherever we go, Marmaduke our Albino Boa Constrictor and Holly our Albino Burmese Python always seem to be the stars of the show, so much so they even have thier own facebook fan page!

find it here



Birthday 12th August 2012

Is a beautiful albino Boa Constrictor.

lots of you have followed him since he was a tiny snakelet, now look at him, such a big boy, but very gentle. A definite favourite with everyone who sees him, who just loves his cuddles and all the attention.

You can download a fact sheet all about Marmaduke by clicking the button below



Birthday 14th August 2017

Is a beautiful tempered Albino Burmese Python, she is so lovely and quiet natured we use her alot for people who are nervous about snakes, her colours are just gorgeous, another one of your favourites.

You can download a fact sheet all about Holly by clicking the button below