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About Us

Education & Handling sessions by people you can trust

Our Mission

To share and show these beautiful and fascinating creatures in a safe and informative way, dispelling the myths surrounding them and helping people to overcome their fears and appreciate their true beauty.


Also selective breeding of certain animals in a safe family home environment, Whilst taking our responsibilities to these animals seriously by ensuring that all our home bred animals are homed in suitable loving informed homes.

Meet The

An ever changing selection of reptiles and invertebrates


Viewing by appointment only


Garwynn Edwards

Co-owner and founder

Garwynn our intrepid leader and guru of all thing reptilian, Started out with a fear of all things creepy crawly, spidery and snaky, but after being introduced to a particularly beautiful tarantula and overcoming his fears, he fell in love with all things arachnid, reptilian and buggy and slowly his collection and knowledge grew until he decided to share his love with everyone else and G.R.A.B was born, Most of the creatures we use at our handling sessions are Garwynn’s personal pets.

Steph Edwards

Co-owner and founder

Is the whirlwind, who is married to Garwynn and his collection of pets, She was pretty much dragged along for the ride, developing her own love particularly for toads. She won't admit to having a favourite, they are all like her own children, but we know she loves Rupert as much as Custard Creams.....A LOT!

Chief Viv cleaner, Driver and Snake bather, Garwynn couldn’t do all this without her and neither could the rest of us. She is definitely the motivator of the team.

Annie Edmunds
Administrator & Handler

Is our "bits" sorter, Website, banners, posters any thing offical, she will be there tap, tap, tap on the keyboard organising it all. She is loves our Boas, as cute as any pet dog she will tell you, and she has two of those so can compare, She enjoys the way children react to some of our beasties and loves to find out fascinating facts about them all.

And we couldnt do it all without our wonderful volunteers


Leanne Colley

Andy Chubb

Ange Guy

Cerys Edwards

Leanne is one of our newer handlers, Whilst she loves the reptiles, she still hasn't over come her fear of spiders..

WATCH THIS SPACE.. there is still time

Meet Andy (chubby) another nutter to add to our collection,

Can normally be found with a snake and a funny hat.

Its never dull when Chubby and Garwynn are together.

Say Hi to Ange - another member of the family who has gotten dragged along for the ride on the nutter bus that is G.r.a.b

Ange is Stephs sister and well if you know Steph, I needn't say any more!

Cerys is Steph and Garwynns daughter, and as such has been around these animals as long as she can remember,

Here she is holding an owl at one of our events from the wonderful Sharandys. All Cerys and her brother really want is a cat or a dog PLEASE!!!

Trina with Loopy.jpg

T.J Luckock

John Edmunds

Andy  Bruce

Chalie Waters

T.J. developed his love of everything reptilian after getting to know Garwynn and Steph.

 He is the proud owner of Geckos, Beardied Dragons and a standard normal dog Zeus!

Our Silent Joker. You will normally find John hanging out in the back with a snake curled up asleep.. But don't let the tranquility fool you, Don't allow the kids near him, he is more dangerous than any animal we have!

Andy is one of our lovely volunteers, but loves our big snakes, you will tend to find him, out front, with one of our larger snakes like Lily or Rupert.

Andy loves his snakes and has an ever growing collection at home.

Chalie is Andy's Partner

Here she is with Taulupe (loopy)

We think that means she can cope with any of our creatures, after all she copes well with him, nothing can phase you after Andy!

All of of staff are Enhanced DBS checked for your peace of mind
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